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Millions of people suffer during the winter months, and it's not just the "winter blues." Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a type of depression caused by reduced exposure to sunlight. This is brought on by seasonal changes or living in areas that get little sun during parts of the year.  Those affected often feel depressed, have low energy, experience loss of focus, have poor sleep or oversleep, experience weight changes and just feel generally crummy.

The Main Treatment for SAD Is Light.
SAD treatments are targeted to reducing symptoms. There isn't a cure outside of getting through the winter season.

For most people, moving to an area with more sun and/or getting more natural light during the day isn't an option.

In the absence of natural light, phototherapy is the best option to alleviate SAD symptoms. This is typically offered using 10,000 lux extremely bright therapy lamps at a distance of 16-24 inches from the eye for 30 minutes a day first thing in the morning.  Normal lighting in a home or office is 200-300 lux so these are VERY bright and often uncomfortable to use.

Why Don't Conventional SAD Bright Light Therapies Work?

  1. SAD lights trigger light-insensitive parts of the brain.

    SAD lights aren't sunlight. They're designed to trigger specific areas of your brain that aren't highly sensitive to light. This is why traditional SAD lighting has to be so painfully bright.

  2. Many SAD lights aren't 10,000 lux.

    10,000 lux is too uncomfortable for most people to use regularly — especially at a distance of less than 2 feet. Because of this, SAD lamps ship at less than 10,000 lux or build in dimmers which make the light more comfortable but largely useless.

  3. SAD lights are so uncomfortable that people don't use them correctly or don't use them at all.

    Users are directed to use 10,000 lux SAD lamps for 30 minutes 16 inches from the eye. It's challenging to see or do anything while doing this therapy so people skip it or leave the light too far away to be effective.

  4. SAD lights need to be used right after waking up to be effective.

    Our circadian rhythms are most sensitive to light in the mornings and evenings.  Most people are busy making breakfast, getting kids ready, getting ready for work and getting through their morning routine first thing in the morning. Who has time to sit for 30 minutes and do nothing except get exposure to light? Isn't it cruel to ask someone struggling with sleep to wake up early just to do light therapy?

Why Does TUO Work When Other Light Therapy Products Don't?

TUO is scientifically proven to be the most effective circadian light therapy product on the market today.

TUO is partnered with the University of Washington, one of the world's top research centers for vision and neuroscience. Scientists there have recently discovered amacrine cells in the eye. These highly light-sensitive cells are the cells that TUO's patented, industry-leading technology affects to influence a person's circadian rhythm. This science is more effective than anything else on the market today and works at normal light levels.

TUO is low lux light therapy that works.

TUO lighting focuses on activating vision cones that are very sensitive to light. This allows TUO to influence circadian rhythms at normal lighting levels, around 200-300 lux. See laboratory testing results at 250 lux.

TUO is easy to use.

The TUO Life App sets a customized schedule based on your age, chronotype and general wake and sleep times so that you can set it and forget it. TUO Circadian Smart Bulbs change to the right mode at the right time automatically and can be used in any room.

Get Started with TUO Today!

Put TUO bulbs in your bedroom to get exposure when first waking. Put TUO bulbs in your bathroom to get exposure during your normal morning routine. Put TUO bulbs in your kitchen and make your family breakfast while getting exposure. Put TUO bulbs on your desk and check email while taking in light. With TUO, you need to stay within 6 feet of your light during your Wake mode. After that, you don't need to worry. Just continue with your daily routine, and get the light that you need.

TUO allows anyone in your house to get the therapy they need based on their schedule.

The TUO Life App's profile system allows you to create custom circadian schedules for every person in your home. Simply create their profiles, assign their rooms and let TUO do the work.

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