Best way to use TUO circadian bulbs

For best results, try to use the TUO bulbs as the dominate source of light in a room or space.

Mornings are the most important to setting your daily rhythm, so this is especially important during your circadian scheduled time for your WAKE mode, roughly the first hour after waking up.  Please make sure that the TUO light is where you are during this time.

TUO works on light activating the circadian pathway in your retina, so do not use lamp shades or light covers that block a lot of light.  We recommend a light fixture with an exposed bulb for ideal results.  Even clear or white covers sometimes are doped with light blocking chemicals and can reduce effectiveness.

TUO light works at even low light intensities, as low as 20-30lux (about a single candle) - but it is best to have the TUO light bright enough to have an effect for WAKE and ACTIVE modes.  Normal lighting levels of 150-300lux are fine, this is the typical light levels of any home or office.

In the evening, CALM mode is calibrated to NOT effect your circadian system at any brightness.  If you want to take additional precautions, reduce the brightness of the TUO light, and especially other lights and electronics.  For regular lights, we recommend below 150lux, which should seem only slightly "dim" to the room.