TUO FAQ and Support

Browse support by the categories below based on what you you are looking for.


Ordering and General

General questions about product, lighting, and ordering the TUO bulbs.


Best way to use TUO circadian bulbs

Where best to place in your home or office, guidance on lamps and lighting covers, and best all around practices to get the most out of TUO circadian lighting.


How to set up bulbs the first time

You have TUO bulbs, a smart device with The TUO Life app, and WiFi and want to know how to set it all up.  We walk through basic setups for a single bulb, multiple bulbs and rooms, how to set up multiple circadian profiles, and multiple user profiles so everyone in the space and use the TUO light.


Troubleshooting for bulb, connectivity, or app

Something doesn't seem right, so this troubleshooting guide will help get things working right for you.


Contact TUO for help

You have tried to figure it out, but you are frustrated something is not right.  Take a deep breath, and please contact TUO for support and we will get it sorted for you.