Circadian Health is Easy

Set your custom circadian schedule and TUO smart circadian healthy lights will help you wake up every day energized.  Our app will calculate the perfect light modes and time exposures based on your needs.

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Circadian Health is Important

Energy, Performance, Health, are all tied to our circadian rhythms, energy, mental acuity, cardiovascular performance, etc.  TUO has developed optimal lighting modes for each time of the day to easily and quickly have more energy for your busy lives.

Circadian Health is Here

TUO lighting is new, better and actually works.  We use the latest circadian science that is 20x more effective than any other lights available.  This means you can sync your day for more energy in just minutes in the morning.

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Energized Days are Easy

Put in your schedule, and the TUO Life app will deliver the right light mode to energize your mind and body all day when you just turn on the lights. 

Morning WAKE mode to kickstart your day with a boost of energy.  All day ACTIVE mode to keep you going and sharp.  Evening CALM mode that doesn't activate your circadian rhythm to naturally fall asleep.

New Science

TUO lights uniquely activate the eye’s natural circadian color system only recently discovered, and was found to be 20x more effective than other circadian lights at normal lighting levels.  No need for 10,000lux bright lights or harmful blue light.  This circadian color lighting is only available from TUO.

"Current Biology" publishes discovery of new circadian cell that finally explains how light effects your circadian more than ever.

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Zoom Pre-Order Circadian Smart Bulb
Zoom Pre-Order Circadian Smart Bulb
Zoom Pre-Order Circadian Smart Bulb

Pre-Order Circadian Smart Bulb

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Delivery Expectations:  November 2020 to begin shipping all pre-orders.

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return fully working TUO Circadian Smart Bulbs for a refund. 

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