Setup How To Guide

First time set up of TUO Circadian Bulbs

We recommend setting up 1 bulb at a time by powering up just one bulb first to connect, then add each after that.  This will make it easier to know which bulb you are naming and assigning to a room.

When the bulbs are first powered up, they will not turn on for 10-20 seconds the first time.  They will cycle through each LED color and stop on a regular white color.  This will only happen the first time or until connected to Wi-fi in the TUO app.


1) Download the TUO Life app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store onto your smartphone.

Search “TUO Life” on either platform to find and download the free app.

2) Create a TUO Life account, and enter your age range, chronotype, and sleep/wake times to generate a custom circadian schedule just for you.

If you do not have an account yet, click on SIGN UP at the bottom to register for free an account to control all your TUO Circadian Bulbs.


You will be able to add other users with individual logins later, so no need to share your account information with others.



You will be able to add additional users with their own personal circadian schedules later, so enter just your information here.  As people age, the lens in their eyes begin to yellow slightly and blocks lower wavelength light.  This information we use to compensate for that to deliver the most effective circadian light possible to you.


Enter your desired sleep and wake times here.  We use this to set the right schedule of the 3 TUO light modes to synchronize your circadian rhythm to these times.  You can change these easily in the Circadian Schedule page of the app later.

Select the chronotype that best describes you.  This helps us understand the likely length of your circadian cycle to customize the circadian light modes and durations.  Chronotype typically manifests as a preference to evenings (much longer than 24 hours) or mornings (shorter than 24 hours).  You can change this later as well.

You will now have a custom circadian schedule with the perfect light modes scheduled available.  Just use as a regular lightbulb at the switch, and the TUO cloud and app will deliver the right lighting at the right time to keep your body in sync with your day.  You can change the scheduled wake and sleep times, your age range, or chronotype at any time.



3) Set up a bulb in a room.

You will be prompted to add your first TUO bulb to the app.  TUO bulbs connect to your local wi-fi network to receive commands, scheduled mode changes, and more to provide the circadian light at the right time.  Please note the wi-fi network must be 2.4Ghz, the bulb in range of the wi-fi, and the wi-fi connected to the internet.


Check that the TUO bulb is broadcasting its own wi-fi signal, starting TUO_Bulb_xxxx.  We recommend one bulb at a time so you know where each bulb is that you are naming.



 The first time, you will automatically be prompted to create a room and nickname for the bulb.  You can create new rooms, edit the rooms, and move bulbs to different rooms later if required.  A bulb must be in a room though.

Add your local wi-fi name and password here.  TIPS: If you enter the information but not able to connect to your wi-fi when the TUO checks it and gives you red text errors.  Try connecting your phone to your wi-fi the bulb is going onto and try again.  If your wi-fi has special characters, is very long, or otherwise tricky try typing in a "notes" app and cut and paste into the TUO app.

The TUO app checks that the wi-fi information provided works by using it to connect your phone to it quickly.  

If the wi-fi check is successful, then the TUO app connects your phone to the TUO bulb wi-fi (TUO_Bulb_xxxxx) to store your wi-fi information you just provided.  Make sure that you are within 20 feet of the bulb, and the bulb in range of your wi-fi - which should be on and connected to the internet. Do not close the app during this process, let it complete before moving on.

You should have a connected TUO bulb now. Hit the plus (+) symbol to add bulbs to the room, or add rooms.

If you have added the bulb, but it comes up offline, click the wi-fi symbol to re-try.

Once the TUO bulb has your wi-fi information, and connected to the internet, it stops sending out its own wi-fi signal. 

If you want to change the wi-fi it is connected to, while connected to the bulb, "remove from room" on the bulb screen will clear wi-fi information and start to send out its own wi-fi signal. 

If the wi-fi the bulb is not available when turned on, it will go to a white light and start sending out its own wi-fi signal again and you can click the offline wi-fi icon and send it new wi-fi information. 

If while the bulb is on, your wi-fi goes down, it will continue on the last light mode and continuously try to reconnect to your wi-fi until it comes back up.