Guide to Adding a Bulb in The TUO Life App

Step-by-Step Guide for both Android and iOS

This guide assumes that you have created a room. For help in creating a room, see the add room guide. You can also click 'Add Bulb' in the bottom left-hand corner of The TUO Life App's home screen to add a bulb and create your first room. Just follow the steps as they display in the app.

Step 1

To add a bulb, select the room that you'd like to add it to from the home page.  For best results, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone or tablet and you've accepted permission to use Bluetooth and/or location access.

If this is your first time adding a bulb, you'll be prompted to accept permissions.

Step 2

Power on your new bulb and then tap 'Add a Bulb' to start the process.

If you have bulbs already, just tap the '+' symbol to add another bulb.

Step 3

With the bulb powered on, allow the bulb to go through its initial factory startup. 
 You'll see it flash a series of colors.  This can take up to 30 seconds.  Once it finishes and you see solid white light, click

Your iOS or Android device communicates directly with your bulb for setup. Be sure to keep your device close to your phone.

Step 4

You'll see a request to allow connection from your phone to your bulb.  Click yes or pair to continue.

On Android, you may see a notice asking you to select the device and approve connection. Click yes when prompted.

Step 5

Your phone will scan for your bulb.

Hang tight, you'll see the next screen when your device connects to your bulb.

Step 6

Once your device connects to your bulb, you'll be prompted to enter a name for your bulb and select a room.  Enter the name you'd like to use to identify this bulb.

Use a name that's unique to this bulb. The name is the only way you'll be able to differentiate bulbs.

Step 7

You can change or select the room on this screen as well.  Click 'NEXT' to continue.

Select '+ New Room' from the dropdown to create a new room for this bulb.

Step 8

Tap SSID to select the WIFI network that you'd like to use for this bulb.

If you don't see your network, make sure it's up and running, and then click the refresh symbol to reload available networks.

Step 9

Select your network and then click 'OK'

Only supported networks will show in this list so feel free to select the one you want.

Step 10

Enter the network password you want to use and click 'Next' -- use the eye symbol to see your password and verify that it's correct.

Make sure your password is correct. Passwords are case and space sensitive.

Step 11

Your bulb is provisioning, please wait.

You'll see a series of processing messages as your bulb is provisioned, stay tuned.

Step 12

Your bulb will turn green when it's successfully provisioned.

If your bulb turns red, wait until it flashes back white again and then follow the instructions in the app to try again.