Make 2023 Your Healthy Lighting Year

Looking to live healthier in 2023?

Consuming healthy lighting is important for a healthy mind and body. TUO's scientifically proven technology, created in partnership with one of the world's top research centers for vision and neuroscience, provides precisely calibrated light customized to your needs. Feed your body the healthy light that it needs and save money while you're doing it with our special, end-of-year pricing deals. Make this your year to consume better light!

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Artificial lighting isn't healthy. Our bodies receive signals from the lighting around us. These signals set our internal clocks and regulate when we naturally sleep and wake. When we're exposed to general home and work lighting, we don't get the signals that we need to keep our biological schedule synchronized with our daily schedule.

Circadian rhythm disorders, also known as sleep-wake cycle disorders, are problems that occur when your body's internal clock is out of sync with your environment. Symptoms include excessive sleepiness, insomnia, reduced alertness, impaired decision making, poor school/work performance, elevated stress, inability to meet social obligations, changes in appetite and gastrointestinal function, reduced cardiovascular performance, reduced libido, substance abuse, weight gain, high blood pressure and depression.

Prolonged misalignment between your biological schedule and your daily schedule puts you at higher risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, neurodegenerative disorders including dementia, skin issues and more.

TUO Circadian Smart Products synchronize your biological schedule to your daily schedule by providing the light signals your mind and body need throughout the day.

Join us on our journey to better sleep, more energized days, sharper focus and improved mood.

Zoom Circadian Smart Bulb
Zoom Circadian Smart Bulb
Zoom Circadian Smart Bulb
Zoom Circadian Smart Bulb

Circadian Smart Bulb

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Advanced Circadian Lighting.  Patented, industry-leading, UV-free technology designed to deliver the light that your body needs at the right time. Based on new science discovered by the University of Washington, one of the world's top vision and neuroscience centers.

Sleep More Naturally.  Customized schedules to wake up and wind down with fade on and off ability to wake up like you're waking to the rising sun.

Improved Circadian Health.  Enjoy more energized days, more restful nights, happier mood and sharper focus.

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Two-Year Limited Warranty.

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