Updating Your TUO Circadian Smart Products to DST

The change to Daylight Savings Time (DST) is approaching.  On Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 2:00 am, DST will start and clocks will spring forward to 3:00 am.

If you live in an area that follows DST, you'll need to take action to update your TUO Circadian Smart Bulbs to the new time.  We don't automatically update your bulbs so your TUO Circadian Smart Products will stay on standard time until you update them.

If you use your TUO bulbs as an alarm clock with our on/off schedules, when you go to bed on Saturday night, you'll want to change your schedule(s) to come on an hour earlier.  So if you normally have your bulbs set to come on at 7:00 am, you'll want to change them to come on at 6:00 am. 

Once you wake up on Sunday, you'll need to update your TUO system to the new time.  To do this, log into The TUO Life App, navigate to "Timezone" in the app menu under "About You" and then reset your timezone.  To reset your timezone, just select your country from the alphabetical list and then select your nearest region from the second dropdown.  Tap "Update Timezone" and your bulbs will then be updated to DST.  If you have multiple profiles and/or multiple app accounts, you'll need to do this for each profile and account.

If you do update your on/off schedules to come on an hour earlier, remember to set them back after you update your bulbs to DST.