About Us

TUO is a Chicago-based start-up of 3 co-founders coming from a variety of professional backgrounds (tech industry, lighting design, and operations), but with shared struggles with circadian health and wellness.  We were disappointed in the effectiveness of the circadian products on the market, so partnered with Prof. Jay Neitz Ph.D and James Kuchenbecker Ph.D at the University of Washington Department of Ophthalmology to research and develop a more effective approach to light and circadian.


The Founder Team

David Basken, CEO

David comes from a background in Corporate Strategy, Product Development, Sales & Marketing Management, and Big Data & Machine Learning Product Development.  He has worked internationally in Japan multiple times in his career and is fluent in Japanese. His frequent international travel has lead him to hate jet-lag and find a scientifically proven way to cure it with TUO.

Gary Paulsen, CTO

Gary has a background in Lighting and Optics Design, Mechanical Engineering, Product Design and leads the product and technology development of TUO.  He comes to TUO to change the lighting industry to adopt healthier, scientifically proven, strategies in lighting and their effect on our body's wellbeing.

Matt Muller, COO

Matt is a serial entrepreneur and successful business owner in a value-add warehousing and distribution space in Chicago.  He leads the operations of TUO for finance, legal, and logistics with his broad experience.  His pains with working in an industry that operates in the very early mornings has brought him to find a real solution to shift work performance.


Developer Partners: VergeOps

Amanda Adams, CEO

Amanda leads VergeOps with vast experience in business strategy, executive leadership, and enterprise architecture.  Her and her team lead the TUO cloud platform, applications, and mobile app development.  She came to TUO intrigued by simplifying the complex problems TUO solves for to deliver hundreds of thousands of users worldwide each their own custom circadian schedule for the perfect light mode throughout their day.  She prefers pure white, institutionally bright, 5K+ color temperature lighting - much to everyone's bewilderment.

Tim Solley, COO

Tim is a serial entrepreneur with great experience in enterprise architecture and cloud computing where he is regular guest lecturer at universities across the US.  Tim comes to TUO not only for the unique challenges TUO has to solve for, but also a life-long insomniac and looking to support a solution that actually helps people with insomnia.


Contact Us:

For questions and inquiries, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.  Please visit our FAQ as well because we may have already answered this question.