Everyone can benefit from TUO

Work Performance

Dealing with work stress, late night emails, can cause lost sleep or severely delayed in circadian rhythm meaning you wake up sleepy. Wake up with TUO lights on your custom circadian schedule to start your day and maximize your natural energy to enhance your productivity everyday.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is when where you live with limited sunlight exposure often due to location, weather, or season and your mood is effective.  Getting enough sunshine to stimulate your mind and body is important to health, and the TUO light powerfully re-creates the exact light needed to alleviate SAD, but without the brightness of other SAD lights (about 10,000 lux).

Student Achievement

Pre-teens, teens, and younger adults have circadian phases closer to 25hrs than 24hrs. This near hour difference in the day will impair your children’s ability to wake up in the morning and reduce mental acuity in school. Wake up with TUO to help advance your circadian phase in the morning to get the the most out of your day.

Child Routines

As parents, setting routines are a vital part of raising our children healthy. The TUO life lighting will help parents easily maintain consistent daily wake and sleep times for children, and help adjust from summer schedules to school times or day light savings time changes.

Senior Alertness

As we grow older, maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm becomes more challenging. This can lead to a decline in even cognitive functions, especially in evenings. The TUO light personalizes the light calibrations based on age, correcting of rhythm shortening and changes in your eye’s lens with aging, to maintain healthy sleep and promote greater alertness in seniors.

Athletic Peak Performance

Wake up with TUO and advance your circadian phase to be prepared for the day. Then use TUO active lighting for a more energizing and productive training session.

Shift Workers

Just because you work the night-shift it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health or fight your body’s natural circadian rhythm. TUO’s custom circadian schedule can provide personalized calibrated light mode schedule for your “day” easily.