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Our bodies were made to live under the sun and stars. We're meant to start our days with the sun at dawn and end them at night with the moon. Most of us, though, spend our days inside under artificial light. Unfortunately, this light isn't healthy.

Our bodies need natural light to properly calibrate our internal body clocks and establish our circadian rhythm. This internal clock or rhythm tells our bodies when to be awake and when to sleep, and this influences every aspect of our health.

Irregular circadian rhythm has been linked to increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, neurodegenerative disorders including dementia, skin issues and more.

Standard home and office lighting doesn't give our bodies needed signals to keep our circadian rhythm in sync. This lighting can even send the wrong signals and push us into a cycle where we grow more and more out of phase.

Just like we take vitamins to ensure that our bodies get needed minerals, we need to consume healthy light to make sure that our bodies get needed circadian signals. Unfortunately, our circadian health tends to be something that we overlook.

So, what's the fix? Ideally, we get away from artificial light sources and get more natural light — especially at dawn, full daylight and dusk. This may be possible for some people, but for those who have jobs that require them to be inside during periods where they could consume natural light, this really doesn't work. This is also challenging for people who live in areas that get reduced to little light during some times of the year. People who work non standard hours, mid shifts and night shifts, also struggle to consume natural light.

When natural light isn't an option, we look to healthier artificial light as the solution. Unfortunately, we haven't had a lot of choices in this space. Light therapy lamps that can influence our rhythms are hard to use due to their high brightness levels. These don't make sense for everyday lighting, only targeted therapy. Many so-called circadian lights mimic the colors of sunrise, daylight and sunset, but this is just a pretty color. Our bodies need precisely calibrated signals and light intensities to reset our clocks.

TUO Circadian Smart Products use new, revolutionary science to deliver calibrated light at the right times to influence our internal clocks and sync our rhythm to our daily schedule. With TUO, you can consume healthy light at all hours of the day and keep your family's rhythms in sync with their day-to-day routine. TUOs patented science, proven in laboratory testing by the University of Washington, one of the world's top vision and neuroscience centers, works at normal room brightness and standard color displays. With TUO you can pick your light color from soft to warm and brightness from 5-10% and be confident that the light you're consuming will keep you on track.

Join us on our journey to better sleep, more energy, sharper focus and happier mood.

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Looking for Better Performance at Work?

Dealing with work stress, late night emails, inconsistent schedules and random fire drills can lead to anxiety and lost sleep. This stress can delay your internal circadian clock meaning you wake up sleepy and out of sorts. Wake up with TUO Circadian Smart Products to start your day the right way maximizing your natural energy for all-day strength and focus.

Suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can occur when you live in areas with limited sunlight exposure during parts of the year. This lack of exposure to light affects your mood and can lead to clinical depression.  The treatment for SAD is light, traditionally very bright 10,000 lux light. TUO Circadian Smart Products combat SAD, but they do it at normal room brightness.

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Want to do Better in School?

Pre-teens, teens, and younger adults have circadian phases closer to a 25-hour schedule than a 24-hour schedule. This near hour difference in the day impairs children’s ability to wake up in the morning and also reduces mental acuity in school. Waking up with TUO Circadian Smart Products resyncs the 25-hour clock and keeps teens in phase.

Looking to Establish a Routine for Your Children?

As parents, setting routines is a vital part of raising healthy children. TUO Circadian Smart Products help parents easily maintain consistent daily wake and sleep times for their children. Using TUO's customized scheduling allows parents to help their children transition from summer to winter schedules with less stress.

Getting Older?

As we grow older, maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm becomes more challenging. Our rhythm becoming out of phase with age leading to a decline in cognitive functions. This is especially problematic in the evening. TUO Circadian Smart Products personalize light calibrations based on age and current rhythm. This helps correct for shortening of rhythm and accounts for changes in the eye’s lens that occur with aging. TUO Circadian Smart Products help seniors maintain a healthy circadian rhythm leading to improved focus and better sleep.

Want to Improve Athletic Performance?

Wake up with TUO Circadian Smart Products to advance your circadian phase and be prepared for the day. Then use TUO Circadian Active Mode for a more energizing and productive training session.

Working the Night Shift?

Just because you work night shifts, mid shifts or irregular shifts, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your health. People who work non-traditional schedules fight their body’s natural circadian rhythm. TUO’s custom circadian schedule provides personalized, calibrated light at the right times to synchronize your internal clock to your required schedule.

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More Energized Days, More Restful Nights. What Have You Got To Lose?

Zoom Circadian Smart Bulb
Zoom Circadian Smart Bulb
Zoom Circadian Smart Bulb
Zoom Circadian Smart Bulb

Circadian Smart Bulb

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Advanced Circadian Lighting.  Patented, industry-leading, UV-free technology designed to deliver the light that your body needs at the right time. Based on new science discovered by the University of Washington, one of the world's top vision and neuroscience centers.

Sleep More Naturally.  Customized schedules to wake up and wind down with fade on and off ability to wake up like you're waking to the rising sun.

Improved Circadian Health.  Enjoy more energized days, more restful nights, happier mood and sharper focus.

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