TUO Circadian Lighting Modes

TUO’s new lighting technology has proven to quickly cure jet-lag and by using the TUO smart bulb you can eliminate your daily morning jet-lag and social jet-lag. The bulb delivers precisely calibrated light at just the right time for your body, setting a healthy circadian rhythm of energized days and restful nights. 

Your body is most sensitive to looking for light signals around dawn and dusk, which is why the time you get circadian healthy light is important, but TUO modes run on your schedule, so it is easy - set your typical schedule and TUO calibrates to optimal modes at the right time whenever you turn on the lights.

WAKE - Mornings 20-30 minutes

A powerful light calibration to quickly set your internal body clock to “morning”, aligning your day to your energy needs – feel energized, awake and mentally alert, and maybe even skip the coffee.  People living under artificial lighting are on average 2 hours out of sync with their schedule because they don't get the right light.  This is why we use alarm clocks, and feel so tired in the morning because we essentially have jet lag everyday, or 'social jet lag'.  WAKE quickly adjusts your rhythm in a few minutes in the morning, with out bright 10,000 lux lights.

ACTIVE - Midday until 5 hrs before sleep

A steady light calibration for everyday life and work that brings the energizing effects of sunlight into your home.

We know today that lighting has non-visual effects – TUO ACTIVE mode stimulates the non-circadian parts of the brain as well.  Science has seen improvements on mood, focus, alertness, productivity, sleep, immune function, and more from stimulating these parts of brain, the same way as being outside all day under sunshine.

CALM - 5hrs before sleep to bedtime

A light calibrated to minimize disrupting your circadian rhythm to allow you to wind down and get restful sleep and promote waking at the right time the next day.  At TUO we know that all light, not just blue light, can activate your circadian system and keep you from a good night's sleep.  The TUO CALM mode creates a neutral signal from all lights and created the first truly healthy light for evenings.