Guide to Getting Started Using The TUO Life App

Step-by-Step Guide for both Android and iOS

  1. When your bulbs arrive, choose the best places for your new TUO Circadian Smart Lights.

    The ideal spot is where you spend your first hour after waking up, like the kitchen or bedroom. It's also beneficial to have TUO light where you spend the majority of your day, like your office or living room. For optimal results, try to pick places where TUO can be the dominant source of light. Avoid using lamps with plastic shades, as they may block certain wavelengths of light. It's best to use shadeless lamps, but glass or cloth shades without plastic backing are also acceptable. Do not use lamps or switches with dimmers – you can dim your TUO bulbs through our app. Using a dimmer can damage your bulb permanently and voids your warranty.

  2. Download the TUO Life App for iOS or Android.

    The TUO Life App supports Android 9+ and iOS 12+ on phones and tablets.

  3. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device and allow all permissions.

    We use Bluetooth to send Wi-Fi credentials to your bulb. The bulb will broadcast a Bluetooth signal, TUO_bulb_XXXX, but do not pair directly with the bulb. If you accidentally pair directly, cycle power on the bulb six times to reset it.

  4. Create a user account by clicking SIGN UP.

    Enter your name, a valid email address, set a password and accept the terms and conditions. A valid password must be at least 8 characters and include at least one uppercase letter and one number. Passwords for The TUO Life App cannot contain symbols.

  5. Check your email for a verification code and enter it to create your account.

    It can take a couple minutes to receive your verification code. If you don't see an email from us, remember to check your junk folder. You can also tap "No Code?" to have a new email sent.

  6. Provide your wake and sleep times, age and chronotype so that our app can create your customized circadian schedule.

    For a longer and more intense wake mode, choose the night owl chronotype.

  7. Congratulations! Your account is created and now it's time to add your first bulb.

    To add your bulb, turn your bulb on and wait for its startup sequence to complete. When it's ready, you'll see a steady white light. For best results, have only one new bulb powered on. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device, and tap "Ready" to continue.

  8. Next please specify a room name and a nickname for your bulb.

    Rooms are used to synchronize and control groups of bulbs with one click. This step will create your first room and add your first bulb to it. You'll be able to create more rooms and also add additional bulbs to this room in later steps.

  9. Select the Wi-Fi network that you'd like the bulb to use.

    The TUO Life App will display all Wi-Fi networks in range of your bulb. Select your network and enter the Wi-Fi network's password. The bulb will flash green when it receives credentials and is able to connect.

    If the bulb can't connect to the network, it'll flash red and then reboot. You'll need to wait for it to complete its startup sequence and turn white to try again. This can take a couple minutes. If your network doesn't show up in the available network list, hit the refresh symbol to rescan. If your network, still doesn't show up, make sure it's a 2.4Ghz network. TUO Circadian Smart Bulbs don't support 5Ghz networks.

  10. Your TUO Circadian Smart Bulb is now online and ready.

    To add more bulbs, tap the "+" button and add each bulb just like you added the first one. If your bulb turned green but is not showing as online, try refreshing the screen and/or powering your bulb off and then back on again.

    Pick the brightness and color temperature settings that you like best and tap "MAKE DEFAULT" to have the app default to these when it sends new circadian schedule modes. You can set defaults for WAKE, ACTIVE and CALM.

  11. Tap "Circadian Schedule" at the bottom of the screen to view your customized schedule.

    You can change your wake and sleep times as needed on this screen. This schedule determines when you'll receive WAKE, ACTIVE and CALM lighting. You control when your lights are on by powering them on at the switch, turning them on in the app or using on/off schedules.

  12. Add on/off schedules to your rooms to automatically turn your lights on and off at your desired times.

    Wake up to a slow sunrise and wind down at night to a gradual sunset. You can create up to three on/off groupings in a single schedule. Only one schedule is allowed per room.