Airea Circadian Light

Sophisticated Design + Circadian Wellness

The Science of Light

Introducing the Airea's Equinox Circadian Light, an exquisite fusion of TUO's groundbreaking circadian science and MNML's timeless design ethos. Envision a centerpiece that not only illuminates your space but also intuitively syncs your biological rhythm to your day. The lamp's compact, spherical white glass globe is cradled upon a gently dished metal base, offering an homage to the celestial body that has regulated our natural cycles for millennia.

Design + Scientific Excellence

With intuitive touch-capacitive presets, Airea seamlessly shifts through Wake, Focus, and Sleep modes, enveloping you in light that's both scientifically engineered and beautifully crafted. This collaboration with National Design Award recipient Scott Wilson encapsulates elegance, functionality, and wellness, enhancing your environment while invisibly optimizing your mind and body. Airea Circadian Lighting: where modern biological science and innovation meets the ancestral dance of light and time.

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Celestial Science by Design

This innovative approach is based on a novel discovery involving a specific circuit in the human retina that plays a crucial role in non-image-forming vision, influencing circadian rhythms, mood, and learning by responding to short-wavelength light. This science-backed technology creates the effects on our body’s circadian timing, the same as the mosaic of colors in a dawn sky, promising enhanced well-being through improved sleep, energy, health, and focus.