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Better sleep, more energized mornings, sharper focus

Better sleep, more energized mornings, sharper focus, long-lasting energy throughout the day

Better sleep, energized mornings

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Debunking Blue Light

Most light therapy products on the market today are based on blue light. This is 15-year-old science that has since been proven incorrect. New science based on laboratory research conducted by the University of Washington, one of the world's top vision and neuroscience centers, shows that blue light has little to no effect in shifting your circadian rhythm. High brightness levels of blue light can have some effect, but this falls short when compared to the power of TUO.

What's Wrong with High Lux?

High lux products can work, but they require 10,000 lux of light at a distance of under 2 feet for the duration of treatment. This light level at this distance is uncomfortable for most people. Treatment also needs to happen first thing in the morning to be most effective. Who has time to sit within 2 feet of a bulb for up to a half hour when first waking up? High lux products offer dim settings to make use more comfortable and typically downplay the distance requirement. Unfortunately, at less than 10,000 lux and 2 feet of distance, high lux products have little to no impact.

What Makes TUO the Only Solution that Works in Real-World Conditions?

TUO uses alternating light sequences to affect highly-sensitive parts of your vision center while still displaying standard lighting colors. This is the patented magic that makes TUO tick and is why TUO is more effective than anything on the market today. Because of this, TUO is also the only circadian light therapy product that works at normal brightness levels and a reasonable distance.

Put TUO bulbs in your bedroom to get exposure when first waking. Put TUO bulbs in your bathroom to get exposure during your normal morning routine. Put TUO bulbs in your kitchen, and make your family breakfast while getting exposure. Put TUO bulbs on your desk, and check email while taking in light. With TUO, you need to stay within 6 feet of your light during the majority of your Wake mode. After that, you don't need to worry. Just continue with your daily routine, and get the light that you need.

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