Latest Scientific Discovery

The latest research in this relatively new area of circadian rhythm science has discovered the physiological mechanism of human retinal cones (your color vision system) have a greater impact on your internal body clock than other old light technologies targeting your non-visual system. This means the TUO light can at normal light levels help synchronize your circadian system.

  • Shifted circadian rhythms up to 3 hours per 1 hour of use in university lab tests in experimental jet-lag mode.
  • Shifted 20 times more than blue light in direct comparative university lab testing.
  • Effective at low intensity, around 250 lux, usable as regular lighting in home, office, or business. Many wellness or SAD lights promote an excruciatingly bright 10,000 lux.
  • The time of day you consume light matters, and light in the morning has the opposite effect on your circadian rhythm as light in the evening. The TUO app will easily guide you to the right calibration of light at the right time with proprietary TUO circadian rhythm algorithms.
  • Your age, sleep-type (early bird or night owl), and typical awake/sleep schedule require careful adjustments to your circadian healthy light needs. The TUO app customizes a personalized all day program for your maximum wellness.