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Introducing the Airea Circadian Light: A Harmonious Blend of Science and Design

Discover the Airea Circadian Light, an exquisite creation born from the collaboration between TUO, MNML, and Airea Wellness. This innovative lamp merges TUO's pioneering circadian science with MNML's timeless design philosophy, creating a centerpiece that not only enhances your space but also aligns with your natural biological rhythms.

The Airea Circadian Light features a compact, spherical white glass globe, elegantly perched on a gently dished metal base. This design pays homage to the celestial bodies that have guided human cycles for millennia, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional brilliance.

Pre-order now to secure your elegant TUO circadian light. We are working hard to have a limited inventory available for shipment by the end of this year. Elevate your environment and well-being with the perfect blend of science and artistry.

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